Babysitting Agency - Sitting Pretty Babysitters
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Babysitting Agency

About Us

We aim to take the stress out of your social life.

We’re here for you whether you need a babysitter on a frequent basis, or just want to know that there’s still a great option if family or friends let you down.


It‘s great to be able to use grandparents and aunties for your babysitting, but we know it’s not always possible. Many families live far away from that kind of support network. Even if your family are nearby, it’s still nice to be able to go out when they’re not available to help. That’s where we come in.


I started Sitting Pretty Babysitters because as a parent I felt there was a need for a babysitting service with truly excellent, professional child carers, which also had a clear and easy pricing structure – without prohibitively expensive membership fees.




I found it frustrating that when I hired a babysitter, they would tuck the children into bed at the beginning of the night, and then watch television for hours.


I wanted to give parents the option of having a highly experienced child carer who would also be happy to do a bit of ironing (up to one and a half hours and not after 10pm please) once the children were settled in bed.

As a mother, I understand that leaving your baby with a carer for the first time can be a daunting experience. So here at Sitting Pretty Babysitters, we have a family-led policy: I am on hand to talk you through the process, and answer any questions you have, to ensure you feel totally comfortable. Then all you need to worry about is enjoying your social life.

Sitting Pretty founder, mother of two Sara Dawes

Feel free to give us a call: 07971 083207